09 Oct I Shouldn’t Have Looked at the RAW Files

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

For reasons that I can’t yet share, I was looking at some high ISO RAW files to check the noise levels. Which then started me looking for other RAW file examples. And that’s when I ended up checking the quality of the RAW files from a Panasonic G9 micro 43 camera.

The RAW files I was looking at were samples downloaded from one of the popular photography websites shot with the Panasonic 12-60 lens. What struck me was how much quality was in the RAW files. I was easily able to zoom to 400% magnification and still make out clear detail. I hate to say it but when I try the same thing with an image from my Fuji XT3, the detail seems to fall apart in comparison.

I know that I shouldn’t pixel peep but once I’ve seen something like this it just keeps nagging at me. As much as I love using the Fuji and like the results, I have been considering a second camera system and this seems to reinforce my thinking. I should also point out that I’m still keeping the Fuji as it’s just too useful.

What I don’t yet know is what system I should try. Having seen the results from the Panasonic G9 it’s now a contender and I still have some micro 43 lenses I could use with it.

My other alternative is a used Sony A7R MkII or even MkIII. I’ve had the A7R MkI and liked the results, but

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