14 Aug Hunting for the next moment on the street – Craig Whitehead

Source: Fujifeed

While shooting street photography, Craig Whitehead wants his images to convey the feeling he is trying to capture. Perhaps even more important than technical knowledge, Craig says that a photographer should be driven by instinct and go for the images one wants to make, and not force the magic to happen.   

Craig is a street photographer based in Cambridge, UK. He shoots images that are spontaneous, and atmospheric. His studies of light and motion and color are reminiscent of the work of Saul Leiter in that they impart a sense of strong composition, layering and “delicate painterly light”, as Craig would describe Leiter’s influences upon his own work.


As a photographer and teacher, Craig both shoots and guides others in workshops held in and around London because it affords students a chance to get in close to people on the street and start making images. When it comes to his workshops, Craig says his approach come down to the basics for street photography.


“It comes to confidence building, getting past that fear of getting close on the street. We will show them how we do it, and then have the participants put the things we have taught into practice. Street photography is mostly a solo activity, so they need to get past that fear on their own. We also focus on predicting and visualizing scenes, pointing out frames and layers – aspects most people just haven’t trained their eye to see, so it  really helps…

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