08 Dec How Wide is Too Wide? The New XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR

Source: Fuji Love

How wide is too wide? It really depends on your photography and video needs. My favourite X Series zoom lens has been the trusty XF10-24mmF4 R OIS for the past few years. I’ve travelled all over the world with it and, although not weather-resistant, it can handle a lot of abuse. The XF10-24mm is compact, it has O.I.S., and it’s perfect for architectural, street and vlogging. When I first heard rumour about the red label XF8-16mmm lens, I got pretty excited. How much will the extra 2mm width and one extra stop of speed affect my ability to get the perfect shot? I knew there would be a size and weight trade-off for the improved specs and build quality, but would it be worth it? Let’s find out. The first thing to remember about the XF8-16mm is that the lens hood is built-in and is not removable. Because of this ‘feature’, there is a sturdy custom lens cap designed specifically for this lens. The negative of this design is that there is no front filter thread. Many photographers and videographers depend on filters (polarizers, ND, graduated ND, etc.), so unless 3rd party manufacturers figure out a workaround, you’ll have to …

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