22 Nov How to Use DxO PhotoLab to pre-process Fuji Raw files for Lightroom

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

DXO labs recently added Fujifilm support to PhotoLab 5, the companies Raw processing application. The support is currently in beta, but my initial testing shows that it gives promising results, that are among the best you can achieve. DXO’s Raw Pre-Processing application, Pure Raw, currently does not support Fuji files. However, if you want to use DXO’s technology with Lightroom, you can still use PhotoLab as a way to pre-bake your Fujifilm Raw files for use with Adobe applications.

Isn’t this excessive?

If you’re thinking that using PhotoLab as a RAW pre-processor is a bit excessive, then you would be absolutely right. I’m not suggesting for a second that you go out and buy PhotoLab just to use it to convert your Fuji files. Given the price of the software, that would be crazy. Hopefully, Fujifilm Raw support will come to Pure Raw, the company’s dedicated app for this, sometime soon. In the meantime, if you have PhotoLab (or download the trial) and you want to try this, then you’ll find instructions for the process below.

Having said all that, there are some advantages to using PhotoLab over PureRaw (apart from the fact that this doesn’t work in PureRaw yet). You get much more control over the process, and you can adjust the amount of de-noise and sharpening that occur during the conversion process. You can’t do this with PureRaw — it’s just on or off.

Photo Lab DNG Pre Processed DNG vs Original RAF file in Lightroom.

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