28 Jul How to Troubleshoot Capture One Performance Issues

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One of the things that I’ve come across when corresponding with readers, is that some people seem to have major problems with the performance in Capture One, while others, like myself have never had any issues with the speed of the software. Specifically, I often see people complaining that when they move a slider they have to wait a second for the display to update. This is not the normal performance of Capture One, and so if you’re experiencing this, then something is definitely wrong.

As I get asked about this fairly frequently, I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to help people, but this has been difficult because I can’t replicate the issue myself. I am using a pretty old computer too, an 8-year-old Mac Pro, and so if there were issues with the overall performance of the software I would be experiencing them. Still, I’ve been searching for an answer, and after doing a lot of research, I’ve narrowed it down to some potential problems, and some potential solutions. Hopefully, the following tips might help someone, or at the very least, identify the root of the issue.

Please note that this article is about this very specific issue of delay in updates when editing, as it seems to be widespread but not consistent. It is not about broader speed problems with Capture One which may be to do with ram, hard drive speed and so on. I will cover these broader optimisation tips in a future post

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