19 Sep How to Take Your Photography to the Next Level | Eric Kim

Whenever I feel frustrated in life, it is because I have a feeling of inertia. I feel like I’m not developing or growing. This often happens in my photography. I keep taking the same type of photo over and over, and I become bored. I want to innovate, to create something new. I want to take my work to the next level— but how do I do that? I feel that it is important to have a sense of gratitude with the work that we’ve done. However if you really want to take your photography to the next level, you need to not be satisfied. Not being satisfied is what helped push the human race forward. If we were all satisfied with horses and carriages, we would never have developed electric cars and rocketships. I often look back at my old work (which I thought was great) — and then I wonder, “What was I thinking?”…..