04 Jun How the Fuji X100F has liberated me as a photographer

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Okay, here we are and I’m about to preach about the FujiFilm X100F. You’ve probably heard it all before, about the film simulations, the autofocus, how it has a fancy little optical and electronic viewfinder or some other really cool feature all about technology.

But wait.

This camera is more than all that same shit you read in all those other reviews. This camera is special to me. It’s no longer a piece of dedicated hardware that sits in a drawer, or some picture taking technology that encourages me to intentionally go out and take photographs. No, this camera has become an extension of me as an image capturer. (I just googled it. Capturer is a real word.) Look, this Fuji X100F is always with me. It’s next to my wallet and keys, the two things I never leave home without. Everyday when I go to work this thing is over my shoulder. If I go to the shops I’m wearing it like I wear my shoes. Well, it’s not on my feet but it is always there somewhere on my person. This camera is now a part of my everyday life… and that’s special….

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