26 Sep How many megapixels do you need?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

How many megapixels do you need in your digital camera? What MTF charts will be enough to satisfy your expectations? What type of photography do you practice, to justify the number of megapixels you just said to yourself (at least) you need, to do the job better, the best? Are you more a tech guy, than the art maker? Is the long list of your camera specs more important than the rules of composition.

More megapixels will come with more troubles, or better said, more processing / storing power. You need more hard-drives, bigger, faster hard-drives to handle the size of those files (especially when working with RAW files), you will also need faster processors to handle their tasks, more RAM memory; you might even change your actual PC with a more expensive one, only because you’ve changed your camera. I know you might say that today, technology progressed a lot and became really affordable. True. But I’m just saying, it’s the “growing” phenomenon that you need to be aware of. At the end, there might be some other supplementary costs that you couldn’t predict.…

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