18 Feb How I printed this photo of The Shard – London

Source: Fuji X Passion

So, last year I decided to buy my first professional printer in a bid to start printing my own images at home. I was at the UK Photography Show in Birmingham and I brought the Canon PRO-10S. This printer had a show exclusive £150 cash-back on it’s already reasonable purchase price of £500 so in end I paid £350 for it. Bargain!

Although there are cheaper and more convenient ways to get my images printed by using third party printing labs, I wanted to own the entire creation process from capture to edit and then print with the aim to experience more of my work in a tangible print form while careful selecting the paper and styles to get the print exactly how I want the finished article to look.

I’m not going to cover in this post how I originally edited the image I chose to print, nor the process around calibrating screens as this is a topic for another day. In this post I will run through how I prepared the image to print and talk about some of the settings I used along the way. If you want to read a post covering how I edited a print from RAW to finished image, see this blog post.

Below is the photo I decided to print. This is a long exposure photo I took of The Shard in London from across the River Thames. This is a great spot to capture an iconic view of London and what’s great…

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