07 Jan How I found Fujifilm

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Back in 2006, I began working at Flight Centre. The staff discounts gave me the opportunity to travel more than I ever had before. At this point, the only camera I owned was a cheap point and shoot. I decided that if I was going to take photos on my travels, then the only way I could possibly do this was to buy a ‘big camera’. That’s right. I ventured into the world of entry-level DSLR’s.I knew nothing about what I was buying, but I knew I wanted one. I get that trait from my father (see here for why I say that.) One thing I did know was that a chap I used to live with had a Canon camera. He shot professional tennis for a living all over the globe. If it were good enough for him, then it would be perfect for me. So Canon it was. In December 2006  I walked into Jessops with my Christmas funds and asked for the best Canon camera I could buy with whatever amount it was I had. 5 minutes later I walked away with a Canon EOS350D (Rebel XT to my USA based friends.) It had 8 megapixels and a big lens, so therefore it was going to be awesome right?

As it turned out, there was no talent included in the box which was disappointing. Not one to be defeated I bought a typical beginners book by some famous photographer who I had never heard of in the hope of figuring out what the hell I was doing before I flew to New York in February. The first shot I took, according to Lightroom, was this uninspiring shot of a snow-covered New York park.

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