14 Jan How I Edit my JPEGs with Adobe Lightroom CC

Source: Kevin Mullins

How I Edit my JPEGs with Lightroom (How to Edit Photos in Lightroom): In this video, I show you how I edit my Fujifilm JPEG images in Adobe Lightroom CC. Unlike RAW files, JPEGs need little editing but it’s quite rare to get a perfect JPEG that doesn’t need a little tweaking.

I talk about how I use my own custom settings on the Fuji cameras (you can see that in more detail on this video: https://youtu.be/mWjoAcky9jc) but you don’t need to use those if you don’t wish.

I talk about basic editing, plus using a Tone Curve preset to simplify the process. Whilst I use Fujifilm JPEGs, everything in this tutorial would work fine on any camera JPEG. The JPEG checking tool I built can be found here: https://f16.click/check-fujifilm-jpg

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