25 Feb How good is the X100F lens?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Reason wanted me to be smart, but I bought an X100F on the release day in 2017. Am I happy that I spent 1400 Euros, plus several hundred more for accessories? This is a camera with a fixed lens, which cannot even zoom.

Some things are not as good as hoped for. My main criticism is the autofocus miss ratio. The camera sometimes confirms the focus while in fact the whole frame is blurry. I rather check the focus before taking an important photo than accepting the small risk of spoiling it.

In many other regards, like the X100F. The camera looks fantastic and is easy to use and satisfying to operate. The highly configurable viewfinder is something did not expect from a compact camera.

What about the lens?

Perfect output versus having a soul

The lens has a couple of small issues, most of them are not relevant in the everyday routine. If those issues come into play, it is easy to work around most of them. But why always produce technically perfect, bloodless images? The optical properties of this lens can add something….

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