20 Nov Horizontal Solitude

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Is this thing on?

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates to the site this last month and a half. It’s not that I havn’t picked up the laptop, opened up a fresh tab and punched in the URL of the site. Cause I have. More than once. But I am a bit indecisive at the moment. I think it boils down to me being fed up with my own shit! I just didn’t want to do another post like the one before it. Photographically I have been having numerous periods where my inspiration fails me. I’ve just come to accept those periods. As someone wrote me a little while ago, “These creative rots are usually when you take another step up the skill-latter”. I hope he’s right. I think he’s right. – At least thats a great thing to keep telling yourself.

I’ve tried numerous ways to fight through these periods, and they luckily always end up working. This time has been a little different. Ever since spring of 2016 I have been doing so many incredibly exiting things with my photography. I’ve gone to Iceland, I photographed Le Mans Classic. I walked, and shots, the streets of Paris and London. I went to Cologne and spoke at Photokina. I’ve also been giving numerous lectures in Denmark about my photography. To say that I’ve been laying low would be the understatement of the century. – So back in october I just had enough! – I was done…

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