31 Jan Hong Kong + X-Pro3 + XF35mm f/2 + Classic Neg

Source: Fuji Love

I like to tinker and experiment with my gear. I’ve been photographing long enough to know there’s no one camera, lens, or film that can create that one look. It’s always the combination of the three (and sometimes more) that gives that aesthetic signature we’re all looking for. For instance, I know my Ricoh GR-1 looks best with Tri-X, while my Minolta 9xi with the 35mm f/1.4 looks best with Kodak E100 slide film. It’s no different with digital cameras. When the new X-Pro3 came out, I liked everything about the body, but I was just as excited about the new film simulation, Classic Neg. Since this was the most film-like simulation that Fujifilm’s engineers created thus far (shall I call them digital chemists instead?) I was curious which lens would work best with this combination. Billy Luong of Fujifilm Canada told me many company insiders were saying the XF 35mm f/1.4 looked great with Classic Neg. I’ve seen some results and they do look amazing. While preparing for my first work trip for 2020, I already knew the X-Pro3 would be my primary digital tool. I also knew that Classic Neg simulation would be the profile to use in […]

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