04 Feb Hong Kong at Night: Painting with Shadows

Source: Fuji Love

For 2019 I found myself in Hong Kong just three days into the new year. A small work project would take me to my favourite city for only 6 days and 6 nights. I knew I had limited time to shoot during the day, so I prepared myself for mostly night photography. I brought with me the Fujifilm X-T3 and the XF10-24mm that would double as both my video and stills camera. Although I was technically testing the X-T3, I wanted my photographs to be more than a bunch of disconnected review images. On this trip I wanted to work on leveraging the darkness of night, not only as negative space or a framing tool, but as a useful element in the majority of my images. One of the easiest ways to shoot at night is to highlight the pockets of light that breaks though the darkness. The opening image really stood out to me because it was really dark where I was standing, but I noticed the glowing red ‘OPEN’ sign in the window. We know windows make fantastic frames in photographs, but this view had multiple windows, each with it’s own unique character. Multiple frames within a frame. […]

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