19 Nov Hollywood glamour with Victoria Bond

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Here are 26 shots of Victoria Bond from a 1:1 training session in Bristol. I used simple yet beautiful lighting to create timeless classic photographs that could have been shot in the 1960s.

Model: Victoria Bond
Photographer: Damien Lovegrove
Lighting: Lupo 1000 LED fresnel spotlight with a Scattergel and a Lupo Superpanel
Camera: Fujifilm GFX50s with 32-64mm and 110mm lenses

01. I used a single Lupo 1000 with a Scattergel to light Victoria here. The mirror gave a two point lighting effect.

I took these shots on a 1:1 training session for a client from Switzerland. Like many of my clients he flew into Bristol airport and checked into a boutique hotel that we had booked in Bristol for a couple of nights. Victoria and I arrived at 9am the next day and we shot until about 5pm stopping for breaks and a decent lunch at a nearby pub.

02. The Scattergel breaks up the light and leaves a beautiful dappled effect.

Part of the brief from my client was to create the high contrast beauty shots using hard light that I’ve become noted for. I like to start these training sessions with a simple one light set up and show how a Scattergel can transform the light into something quite magical.

03. The same Lupo 1000 with a Scattergel gives these ‘girl against a wall’ shots a classy timeless feel.

My emphasis is on providing a fun, relaxed space for my client to create magical pictures. I do an overview assessment of

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