13 Apr Hollywood Glamour Photography

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Here are 30 of my Hollywood glamour photography pictures taken on a 1:4 workshop that I ran in Clevedon near Bristol.

Photography: Damien Lovegrove
Model: Victoria Bond
Makeup: Vicki Waghorn
Lighting: Lupo 650 LED dual colour, Lupo 1000 LED dual colour, Lupo 2000 LED and the wonderful Aladdin A lite micro LED light.
Camera: X-Pro2 with 23mm, 35mm (f/1.4) and 50-140mm lenses.

01. Lit with the Lupo 650 as a key light and the nifty little but amazingly bright Aladdin A Lite as a back light. Both the lights were set to 3200k and the X-Pro2 was set to 4300k to render the colour files warm. I always process the images in colour then create a virtual copy before switching to Acros camera profile for my black and whites. I find the Acros profiles will take quite a bit more contrast and the punchy look is perfect for Hollywood glamour photography. X-Pro2, 35mm lens at f/1.4 using ISO 640 and 1/250th second shutter speed.

02. Expertly used hard light from a fresnel source like the Lupos deliver sculptured faces in a way that no soft light can achieve. X-Pro2, 50-140mm zoom, f/2.8, 1/60th second at ISO 640.

03. I set the white balance via the K setting to give this lovely warm look. All the shots were intended for monochrome conversion with the ‘Acros’ camera profile but I also love the colour ‘Pro Neg s’ set so I’ve included some of these too.

04. The Acros look is detailed, punchy and has a subtle refined grain. Comparing it…

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