22 Jul Holidays at the very beginning of the summer

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For the last couple of years, I’ve been experimenting with when to take a rest from my everyday job. Most of my workmates opt for two weeks somewhere between the middle of July and the last days of August.

I’ve tried few different approaches, each time justifying my choice: “Go on your holiday as the rest, it’s proven best”, “Be the first one who is resting” or: “Be the last – certainly you’ll take amazing shots of the autumn forest if you take your days off in October.”

Well, so much for the October holidays – I thought it would never stop raining. And since I don’t like the shrinking duration of August days, finally I decided… the best would be the opposite!

My holidays now usually start right before the astronomical summer and cover the very longest days (and the very shortest nights).

But what such a home bird as me should do with so many free and sunny hours? After I had caught up with sleeping, suddenly I thought: “There is no excuse now”. I didn’t have a plan nor idea where to go and what to shoot. I just grabbed my beautiful X-T1, XF 35mm F1.4 and Samyang 50mm F1.2 and went outside.

Fuji X-T1 . Samyang 50mmF1.4 @50mm . 1/60″ . ISO 200 – processed with “darktable” Fuji X-T1 . Samyang 50mmF1.4 @50mm . 1/280″ . ISO 200 – processed with “darktable”
Not planned, not long waited, but one has to begin somehow

That walking evening

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