23 Dec Holidaying with X-Pro3.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Selfie with this beauty.

It’s coming to the end 2019; and it’s our turn for a family holiday. For all my trips, packing camera gears is equally important as packing all the usual travel essential. For this 11 days family trip my set is the new Dura Silver X-Pro3, Which is not mine as I will only received my order by mid January 2020. A big shout out to Keitaro So for making this possible. Thank you. For the lenses it’s XF23mm F2, XF35mm F1.4, XF10-24mm and also the XF16-80mm F4WR. At F4 some may think it’s rather slow but it’s OIS is brilliant. I  think this is the best travel lens at the moment. I like this lens for its very useful focal length. Of course its not optically better than it’s older brother. XF16-55mm F2.8 is perfect for those who demands the best. For travel photography, the XF16-80mm is second to none. I also brought my other favorite, the X100F along. I believe many is still sitting on the fence especially the flip down only LCD screen of the X-Pro3.. This is even more apparent for both the X-Pro1 and X-Pro2 owners. It’s like why fixed it when it not broken. Actually after using it for awhile; one might find it an asset rather that a silly concept. This camera is in every way, a more able camera than its predecessor. The AF is really fast and good; even in very low light situation. Giving the photographer that confidence on nailing that shot time

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