27 Dec High Speed Sync with Fujifilm X-T1 & X-T2

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Here is a little piece about High-speed sync with Fuji X system.
For the past 6 months now, I’ve been discovering and using the HSS technique with my Fuji’s X-T1 and X-T2. Since people have been asking me a lot what settings and gear I use, I decided to share some fun with everyone.

I first discover HSS capabilities about a year ago watching Jason Lanier videos about how he shoots and creates the fake sky effect. For months I wondered if it would be possible to use that amazing flash technique with my Fuji X camera. Then I finally found some useful informations thanks to Donald M. Falls video. I took a leap of faith, bought some gear and start experimenting…

I usually don’t like to read never-ending blog post about camera wherein the photographer tells more about his personal life than the topic, so I’ll do my best to keep it short and effective.

What is HSS
Let’s keep it simple! High-speed Sync (HSS) is the ability for a camera to trigger a flash at a shutter speed faster than what it supposed to. Most cameras native flash speed sync is between 1/180th to 1/250th of a second. High-speed sync allows you to use shutter speeds up to 1/4000th or even 1/8000th of a second while the flash illuminate perfectly your subject. Meaning without any black bars on the pictures.

Why using HSS?
Like said above, high-speed

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