27 Jan Hello Mark II ( XF27mm F2.8 WR )

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

X-E4 with XF27mm F2.8 WR

It’s pretty strange, that this season I have been testing gears that is not under my radar. I have tried the XF27mm F2.8 and didn’t like it because it’s a F2.8? I can’t remember why. Maybe I felt the AF wasn’t not fast enough. Of course this is from a perspective of a photographer who doesn’t shoot street. 
Moving forward and years later; I am now presented with XF27mmF2.8 MK II. I guess its best companion for now, has to be the new X-E4. OK. Let’s get the cat out of the bag. It’s about the same size as the MK 1version. It’s new feature is all what we always wanted. An aperture ring and WR! Optically I think it’s the same. That is the end of this blog. Just kidding.

XF27mm F2.8 WR. What do you think of this set-up? I think this lens works well with X-Pro series too.

Now, I will share my view on this lens. I am not a fan of both X-E series and XF27mm.There is something magical about what the designers at Fujifilm have done. As I don’t have any expectation, I begin to just shoot. Get familiar with the layoutof the X-E4 and the

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