13 Aug Heather in the Peak District

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

This is one of my favourite times of year for landscape photography in the Peak District, because the heather is in flower.

On Tuesday evening I made it over to Surprise View to meet a friend with the intention of checking how the heather was doing. As it turned out all the recent sun and rain seems to have worked wonders and the entire area was in flower.

Here’s one of the images I managed to capture.

Flowering Heather on Surprise View in the Peak District.

I shot this with the Fuji XT3 and Fuji 10-24 lens at 11mm. It was a tripod mounted exposure of 0.12” at f/13.0 and ISO160. I used a Kase Wolverine 3 stop Reverse ND Grad filter on the sky to help tame the sun in the top left of the frame.

What I like about this and some of my other shots that evening is that they have a painterly quality to them. Part of this is due to the light but I suspect it’s also partly due to the process. Rather than jumping into the Nik Collection as I might ordinarily, I decided to start my editing with Exposure X6 (affiliate link). I applied the default Kodak 160 NC film preset but then boosted the midtone saturation a little (because the Kodak simulation has a low saturation). I then added a strong Vignette effect to

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