08 Jul Healing in Capture One Pro 20

Source: The Common Sense Photographer

It is unusual for a company to show off new software features before the are released. The Capture One Pro team were apparently too excited about the new features to hold off showing off the new stuff. So in early May, David Grover, at Capture One published a You Tube video on the new features which were healing tool layers and clone tool layers. They were so excited (and so was I). At the end of May the new version of Capture One Pro 201 came out and the new healing and cloning tools were really quite good.

I’ve been using them for a while now and I’m really quite pleased with the results i am getting. I’ve become braver and braver with the touch ups I’ve been doing. I started with just healing the dust spots that seem to be permanently attached to my sensor. Previously the did have a spot removal tool that did work but not on big ticket items 2 and basically on the background layer. The new tools put the healing or cloning on their own layer.

I’ve using the healing brush on the below image to clear up what has become a standard sight at the theme parks over the last 10 years where they keep adding more and more rides and features. These new rides mean a long time with construction equipment in the parks and in your images. Not much you can do about it. Here is an image of Bluto’s

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