23 Dec Happy Christmas and End of Year Update

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As it’s getting pretty close to Christmas now, I’m signing off for the rest of the year to take a much needed break. I have a few unfinished articles that I had hoped to get out before Christmas, but they’ll be out in the new year now. I’ll get to those in a minute, but for now I wanted to wish everyone out there who celebrates it, a happy Christmas, and for everyone, a happy new year. Let’s hope 2020 doesn’t have any more nasty surprises up its sleeve for is. I’ve gone and jinxed it, haven’t I?

I had been sick the first few weeks in December (not Covid) and also had to finish some client work, so I ran completely behind. Anyway, here’s what I have left to do, which will be coming in early January

Luminar AI review: I have a draft of this written, but I wasn’t happy with it, so I’m re-writing it with a different approach. DXO Photo Lab 4 Review: Another one I had started, but haven’t gotten around to finish. This will focus mostly on their Deep Prime noise reduction, which in my opinion is probably the most impressive photo software related technology of 2020. Video tutorial on how to get the best from Dehaze in Capture One 21 Video on how to use Deep Prime in DXO Photo Lab Article on AI in photography and how it’s not as bad as some people are making it out to

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