05 Mar Happy 8th Birthday X100.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

My earliest memories of X100 was at a shopping mall. I was walking pass an electronic store and on display was a gorgeous camera. I actually stop and spend a little moment admiring how good looking it was. It was a Fujifilm camera. Wow. I have never own the original X100. I have used a X100s and owned a X100T and now a X100F. The X100 series is always special to me. I love the design of it.

Kudos to the designer; whom I have the privilege to meet on two occasion. Thank you Masazumi Imai; you have design a timeless looking camera that is loved by photographers all over the world. Mine X100F is my everyday camera. I love the size and of course the design; but X100 series is more than just that. I love the hybrid view finder; built in ND filter and it house a leaf shutter. The X100 series is a mighty little camera that I could conquer the world with it. Today mark it’s 8th birthday and to celebrate this happy occasion, here is 100 photo taken with either X100s, X100T or X100F….

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