26 Mar Hands-on with the Sigma fp L and its new viewfinder

Source: DP Review

Hands-on with the Sigma fp L

Sigma has just announced the fp L, a high-resolution sister model to the original fp, released in 2019. With a 61MP full-frame sensor, it’s intended to be more stills-oriented than the original camera, with which it shares its design and control philosophy. That makes both of these cameras tied for the title of ‘smallest full-frame interchangeable lens camera’. At least, without the new optional electronic viewfinder, dubbed EVF-11, attached.

So, if you’re familiar with the fp, there’s not much new here, though we will take a more in-depth look at the electronic viewfinder later on. The fp L will be sold either body-only or with the EVF-11 included (at $2499 and $2999 USD respectively), and users of the original fp will soon receive a firmware update to allow them to use the new viewfinder should they choose to purchase it separately for $699 USD.

That new 61MP sensor

Let’s start with the heart of the fp L, its 61MP sensor. Although we don’t officially know its origins, there will be some natural comparisons drawn to Sony’s a7R IV, which has a 61MP sensor of its own.

In the fp L, the sensor comes with on-sensor phase detection autofocus pixels which makes this the first L-mount camera to use this approach. We haven’t been able to test final production models yet, but our initial impressions are that the AF system is, as we’d expect, a bit more swift

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