27 May Guerrilla Strobist Kit

There is an anecdote, about a documentary photographer -who’s name I can’t remember, unfortunately- being inquired if he used “available light” in one picture. His answer goes something like this: “yes, it was available light, I had a speedlite available so I used that”.

In many cases we want to make our own light while shooting on location. In quite a lot of these cases, we don’t really want, or need, to carry around a full lighting setup. In fact, I think the whole ethos of the strobist type of work is to be as flexible and minimal as possible. This whole article will, of course, be more useful to the novice/beginner strobist photographer, but perhaps even more seasoned shooters can find some ideas and concepts interesting. It also goes without saying that we are primarily talking about photographing people, in portrait, fashion, commercial, editorial, documentary, etc, environments.

The main point is, especially with the lighter/smaller mirrorless cameras of today, not to carry more than you really need. How I define the “Guerrilla Strobist Kit“? Being able to fit the whole deal in one bag, with your camera(s) and lenses; without the need to carry an extra lighting bag at all. This will be our main specification requirement.

It makes no sense carrying more than one light. There are dozens of courses on what you can really accomplish using just one light (most famous probably being Zack Arias “One Light”), so I will not expand on this here. The primary prerequisite is…