06 Sep Gratitude, Admiration, and One Hundred Blog Posts

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

I was typing up part four of my latest New York City series when I realized that it was going to be the 100th blog post I have made on this site since I started it 3 years ago.

One hundred blog posts.  Dozens of pages.  Thousands of images.  Gear reviews.  Over half a million views.  It’s been an awesome and crazy experience and I’d like to hit pause for a few minutes and reflect on it if that’s ok.  We’ll get back to NYC later this week.

When I started this blog three years ago I was in the process of trying to re-kindle my love for photography. I had been in a lengthy slump, one where I had seriously considered hanging it all up.   I had just switched to the Fuji X100 series in an effort to simplify my photography, and I started this blog at the same time as an endeavour that would hopefully spark my creativity.

Fast forward three years and a whole heck of a lot has changed:  I am now an Official Fujifilm X Photographer, proudly representing a camera brand I love and support.  I travel regularly, creating photo essays of my favourite places.  I teach travel and street workshops.  I am now an author with published magazine articles, guest appearances on podcasts, and am working on my first book.  It has been a crazy ride, and there is so much more to come.

Throughout this journey I have met, and in many cases have become friends with, countless people in

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