25 Apr Graphite cognition

Source: Charlene Winfred

Day 71 of 100, Nordjylland, Danmark

I got a new camera today. It’s a new X-Pro2, identical in every way to the other I was using, except for its new metallic gunmetal trim, instead of customary black skin. Fuji calls this color Graphite. It comes with a 23mm F2 lens and vented hood in the same gorgeous tint.

The X-Pro2 I’d been using until a month ago had a busted viewfinder. The switch that disabled the optical viewfinder when you put it into electronic viewfinder mode, broke. So flicking the viewfinder to electronic, you’d get a digital image overlaying the regular one through the glass. You couldn’t see the digital overlay at all in sunlight, but it was pretty disorienting by night. I needed a new Pro2, but I wasn’t figuring on getting this one. Thank you, Fujifilm Nordic!

This graphite version was introduced at the start of the year, and I couldn’t believe how incredible it looked. For me, the Pro2 is just about perfect, hitting that sublime sweet spot where design, function, refinement and robustness intersect. I love its spare, unassuming blackness. It calls for no attention, asking to be forgotten in hand. The perfect proposition for a camera.

But this…. this graphiteness.

A simple color change that makes the heart race.

It might be association. I used to own a sweet little coupe in this colour – a 1988 Honda Prelude, if you want to know. She was 17 when I sold her, and still handled like….

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