05 Jan Gra’it by Bonollo. Shooting day in Venice, Part II

Source: Fujifilm Insider

This is the second part of the shooting I did for the Gra’it by Bonollo brand. The pictures here are related to the photos we’ve captured in the amazing city of Venice. We’ve been so lucky to be able to shoot in some of most iconic places in the city.
But let’s look at the story of that day.
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Gra’it by Bonollo, shooting in Piazza San Marco

This has been a particular difficult shooting: like said in the first part, Venice isn’t an easy city to program a photo session. You can’t arrive easily with a car and just drop all your equipment in the place you want. You can off course take some Taxi-boat (as we did), but still there will be some distance to walk. With all the camera, lens and other kind of equipments – in the very hot summer days – is a difficult task. So for this reason we’ve decide to start out day quite early in the San Marco’s square with  the first sun rays.
The decision was quite good since we were able to get some photos with a very good light and without the usual crowded square…

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