21 Oct Good news to all passionate photographers

Source: Fuji Love

The Fuji X Passion project is about to reach its first year of existence and it has been a wonderful experience. We have known so many talented photographers from all around the world. Some, we actually met in person.
Thanks to you all, this project is growing and we are more motivated than ever to continue bringing you the most inspirational articles about the Fuji X system cameras.

Nevertheless, shortly after its launch, we started receiving many messages from our followers regarding the exclusivity of the project’s contents, because there are lots of photographers around the world that use more than one camera system.
Many others tell us they love our website and are avid followers, however they use a different camera system and would like to find a similar project for their favourite brand.

Well, we are Fuji X system users, as most of the photographers we know. And we can’t launch a website dedicated to each camera brand. Still, above all Photography is an art form regardless the tool used, from pinhole to mobile phone.
So, because some suggestions we have been receiving indeed make sense and seem really interesting, on the last months we have been working on a new project: The PHOTOGRAPHY PASSION.

It was launched this week and, for you that are used to the Fuji X Passion’s layout, this new website will look very familiar.

So, now you may ask:

Question: This means the end of the Fuji X Passion website?
Answer: No, quite the…

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