20 Sep Going Green – How I got the deep greens on a rainy day photoshoot

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I recently posted a set of photos on my Photo Journal blog about a recent trip to a local urban farm and stately home here in Dublin. Over on my Patreon feed, one of my supporters commented that I always seemed to get really nice greens on this kinds of images, so I thought I would share a few tricks as to how I go about shooting these kinds of photos.

I do like a nice shade of green, and here in Ireland you certainly have plenty of opportunity for that. I remember a few years ago I was coming home on a flight into Dublin, and looking out the window as we approached the coast I remarked to my wife that there was something very distinctive about the Irish landscape and the particular shade of green here. You don’t really notice it until you’re away from it for a while. I’m sure it’s down to a combination of the light at this latitude, the local foliage and weather conditions. I suddenly understood why they call it the “Emerald Isle”. You knew you were home when you saw that green landscape on the horizon.

Romantic notions of Ireland aside, from a practical point of view there are a few considerations when shooting flowers, or foliage to getting the particular deep greens that I like. Obviously all of this is subjective too. You may actually not like the shade of greens in this shoot at all.

The first is

Going Green - How I got the deep greens on a rainy day photoshoot posted on Thomas Fitzgerald Photography on

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