10 Jun Godox and Fujifilm TTL

Source: The Common Sense Photographer

I decided to take Dave Black‘s Skateboarding preconference workshop at the recent Photoshopworld in Orlando. It was the kind of class I thought would be outside my comfort zone, and it was. The workshop was held at the Metro Skateboard Academy. Having the workshop indoors was pretty much a necessity as it is late spring here in Florida and it was quite hot. I wasn’t quite sure what the lighting would be like and Dave suggested bringing a flash along. I was envisioning some hard light flash images as I felt that skateboarding called for that kind of lighting.

I have several speedlights around but none compatible with the TTL1 and HSS2 in my Fujifilm X-T2 so I thought it was time to get something that would work for the workshop and for other opportunities that might come up.  I do work with a few manual strobes for studio shots etc. so I’m not completely lacking in that area but I have nothing that is portable.

I’ve been seeing a lot of people talking about Godox flashes lately and thought I would see what I could find. I looked at a few reviews and checked the specs of several companies flashes along with the Godox brand. The pricing of the Godox were in my comfort zone. I settled on the Godox TT685F.  Godox has a smaller flash, TT350F, but has only about half the power at GN363  than the TT685F which has a GN64 which is comparable to flash of

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