03 Mar Gitzo creates ever-lasting Légende tripod with unlimited warranty

Source: DP Review

Italian accessories manufacturer Gitzo has introduced a crowdfunding campaign for a new tripod that it says will last a lifetime, as it comes with an unlimited warranty and a free replacement parts service. The Legende carbon fiber travel tripod is designed to counteract ‘throwaway culture’ according to Gitzo, as most parts can be easily replaced by the user from an endless supply of components should anything go wrong.

The company says the tripod is constructed using 170 parts, all of which can be repaired in the event of a fault or damage occurring, so the tripod can always be mended instead of being thrown away. Seventy percent of those parts can be replaced by the user, and Gitzo will send the parts for free. Made with 100% carbon fiber legs the Legende weighs 1.45kg and can hold up to 8kg. It extends to 165cm and can hold a camera just 43cm from the ground.

The tripod is accompanied by a new Legende backpack that Gitzo says is friendly to the environment, being made with a high proportion of recycled materials. The whole of the bag’s exterior is made from recycled polyester while 65% of the weight of the bag is accounted for by recycled fabrics. The bag also benefits from an unlimited warranty.

Both the bag and the tripod are available for pre-order via an Indiegogo campaign, with a kit of the tripod, the backpack and a

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