12 Dec GFX50R vs GFX50S in Kandooma.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for a year-end family holiday. I am crazy enough to bring both GFX50S and the new GFX50R for a shootout. One Maldivian island, two medium format cameras ,four GF lenses and 8 beautiful days at Holiday Inn Kandooma. The four GF lenses are GF23mm, GF32-64mm, GF45mm and GF250mm mated with 1.4 TC. Oh and I also packed three other cameras for my daughter’s set-up, X100F, X70 and XP90 for all the things underwater.   This is our second time at Holiday Inn Kandooma. True to what we mention when we left last year; ‘we’ll be back”. But this time we brought more people back. My good friends and their four children to experience the wonder hospitality at Kandooma.    From a photographer perspective, I find it more difficult to photograph as nothing has change since I visited some 14 months ago. It’s not a bad thing that this property has up kept well and still looks the same. That is where the fun and challenges comes. Isn’t it? Photographing familiar places differently. I guess this time round we have to play host to our friends as we a bit of an expert to this lovely island.  Here are photos to showcase this beautiful resort, the amazing staffs, wildlife and it’s landscape. 

Life vest on. Can’t wait to see Kandooma again.. GF45mm


Staff carry Summer kick scoot luggage into

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