17 Nov GFX50R. An everyday Medium Format Camera.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

As some may know that I was really looking forward in seeing the GFX50R in the flesh. When that faithful day finally comes; It wasn’t love at first sight. I would love to see a Hybrid viewfinder like XPro on the GFX-R. The design cue is certainly closer to X-E3. As I begin shooting from days to weeks; I realized this could be my ultimate everyday medium format camera. Everyday and Medium Format are 2 words that usually don’t get along together. Medium format cameras are usually big and heavy.  And most do cost an arm or a leg. GFX50R is certainly gets you the best bang for your buck. A 50 Megapixel medium format sensor with 425 focusing point. At USD$4499 it the most affordable and able medium format camera in the market. Plus; did i say that it could be tether with Capture One! Currently there are many promotion with a lens bundle like the amazing GF45mm which is perfect for street photography. I would highly recommend this as the first lens for this system. Design It’s not what I was dreaming of. This range finder style design is still very sexy to look at. When hang over you its doesn’t feel intrusive like a DSLR. Weighing at 775 grams with battery, it’s not a feather weight camera, Compare with high-end DSLR the GFX-R is certainly lighter. A Canon 5DRs weights 930 grams and Nikon D850 weights 1005 grams. If you have been using X-Pro or X-E series; you will have no issue getting used to the….

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