28 Feb GFX vs 1DX

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

As a Digital Medium Format(DMF) user; when the GFX was first launch in 2016 Photokina. I was all in awe at the press conference. Its was special; small and very usable DMF. Months later when all the dust have settled, I ask myself, are all the working photographers gonna switch? It has great IQ, pretty fast auto focus and a honest price; at least in the world of DMF.


Least to say I am a GFX convert. I know many photographers who have already made that switch too. Some are considering and the rest simply love their current system; for now. There are only that many working photographers in the world. I ask myself who else will be interested? Beside a small community of non professional that uses DMF, I believe the next segment will have to be the high end Full Frame DSLR users? GFX fulfilled all category of photography except sport and maybe video which is not what it was design for….


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