19 Jan GFX : The game has changed. Medium-format re-invented.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

I still remembered the scary day that I sold my Canon 1DX DSLR and walked into the Fujifilm X-series. Today is another milestone for me. But its not as scary as the former. Having started my first medium format camera with a Mamiya RB. Followed by RZ, Pro 645 and later to Hasselblad HD series and finally to a Phase One with a Leaf digital Back.

In term of size nothing much has changed for Medium Format system until now. Size is important. I am not just referring everything getting smaller. When I first heard X-T2 will be bigger than X-T1 I was rather disappointed. Its like a step back in design form for me. Only to realize that its not about getting smaller but better. Even though X-T2 has put on some weight, but when I held the camera; everything fits and feel so much better. That equals to better handling. Size is important but not paramount….

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