14 Feb GFX Technologies #1 – Secrets of the New GFX Sensor

Source: Fujifilm Insider

GFX Technologies #1 -Secrets of the New GFX Sensor

Finally, the FUJIFILM GFX 50S has been officially announced, and all of its specifications have been revealed. The camera has been a favorite topic for discussion for many professionals and enthusiasts around the world, exchanging insights that they learn every day. With this new “GFX Technologies” series of articles, we would like to provide more details on the new GFX system.

With this first episode of the series, we would like to talk about the sensor, which is at the core of the GFX system. Many people mistakenly believe that the sensor is just like any other sensor on the market, but this is not true. The sensor is customized for GFX and there are four reasons behind this decision. FUJIFILM would never use a conventional sensor to create the ultimate medium format mirrorless camera.

1. Compact Packaging
First, the shape of the sensor on the GFX 50S is different from other 43.8×32.9mm sized sensors. GFX 50S is relatively compact for a medium format camera. It probably is the smallest medium format camera with the shutter unit inside. In order to achieve this compactness, each part of the camera needs to be minimized in size.

Of course, the sensor itself has the surface size of 43.8×32.9mm, but the shape of the sensor unit is different for the GFX 50S. Typically the sensor is mounted to the silicon circuit with terminals placed on both sides of the sensor. But in the case of GFX, the sensor is mounted to the silicon circuit with the terminals placed on the back side of the sensor.

This allows not only the sensor unit, but also the silicon circuit to be smaller in size. You will see that the size of silicon circuit is actually smaller than the sensor for GFX 50S. Generally speaking, this is quite the opposite. The silicon circuit is usually bigger than the sensor….

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