18 Sep GFX : MF for documentary photography?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I brought along the GFX with 3 lenses. Primarily , GF23mm F4, the new GF45mm F2.8
and GF110mm F2. As I cycle I took some pics with the GFX mounted with GF45mm.
How cool could this be? Cycling on a F1 track and shooting with the GFX. Yes, one
hand shooting is possible; even when you are cycling! So this 3 lenses will be
my set-up for documenting Ferrari challenge.
Qualifying was on Friday evening. Ringo clock the fastest time. And he powered to win
both the Saturday and Sunday races. I am really happy to see a local winning on
home soil. Congrats again buddy! Singapore is so proud of you!
Below are all the photos taken with GFX. I truly enjoy myself using a Medium Format
mirrorless camera. Like what I always say; GFX: Medium Format for everyday. Rain
or shine.…

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