02 Sep GFX 50S MK ll.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

My first hands-on experience with the GFX50S was 5 years ago. That was at 2016 Photokina in Cologne. After the press conference, I was previlage enough to view this camera with the Fujifilm engineers and designers.  As a medium format user since the film days, I know this camera is a game changer. Why? Size, price point and AF speed. Not that is anything to boast. The truth is, the AF speed of GFX50S in the world of medium format at that point is fast. Plus it has so many AF point. Which is unheard of. 

GFX50S MK ll + GF35-70mm F4.5/5.6 WR

I believe many would ask how is the new GFX50S MK ll compare with GFX100S. My answer is this;there is no comparison. GFX100S is better in every aspect. Period. Rather the question should focus on the improvements from GFX50s MK l  to MK ll. The GFX50s MK ll have come a full circle. It’s a much able camera than its predecessor.  My first question is why would an existing GFX50S MK 1 user upgrade to the MK ll? I have used the GFX50S MK l extensively for the past few years.  What I love is the simple fact that the IQ is amazing, stunning and outstanding. Many would say that it’s still a 50MP medium format camera. And some Full Frame camera is already at 60MP. 

It’s like saying a Micro 4/3 is better than an APS-C, or

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