06 Jan GFX 50S in Hong Kong: Street Photography with a Studio Camera

Source: Fujifilm Insider

This article was supposed to be a playful comparison between the new X-E3 and the GFX 50S as a travel photography and street photography camera. I still might write an article about my experiences with both of these cameras in Hong Kong in the near future. However, after looking through the images taken with the GFX 50S and the new GF 45mm f/2.8 R WR lens (35mm equivalent), I was thoroughly impressed and decided to focus on the GFX instead.

Imagine being able to take beautiful street photography images but with the resolution of a professional studio camera? I’m not a pixel peeper, but you just can’t help it when shooting with this camera. I could crop 80% of the image, and still be blown away by it’s resolving power. Although I call the GFX a studio camera, this is only half true. Since the body and every lens is WR (weather resistant), this camera is a ruggedly built camera that can be used out in the field for all weather conditions. Coupled with the new GF 45mm lens, I used the GFX like I would the X100F, as an EDC all scenario camera. Did it work? It did in my hands, but would I recommend it to the average photographer? It depends what your priorities are. Let’s look at the results and my experiences with it in Hong Kong, and I’ll let you decide…

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