07 Sep GF45mm + GFX, Medium Format for everyday.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Since the launch of GFX at 2016 Photokina, I believe that GF45mm lens will be the best everyday lens if you plan to use GFX daily. Provided that GF45mm is light enough. I have already owned all the 5 lenses in the GF lineup. They are great tools for my professional work. As for GF45mm; I told myself that I will give it a missed because of the focal length. Unless I wanna shoot street with medium format! Again is this realistic? I replace my X100F set-up which includes the 2 converter lenses from my Billingham Haley Small bag and exchange for GFX with GF45. Is street photography with Medium Format possible? Is the weight gonna kill me? Is the size gonna make me less stealth? Again why in the first place would I wanna used a Medium Format camera for street?   Having said all this; I decided to try this set-up over the long weekend. Basically I used the GFX for family time at the malls and parks. I just used it casually. Nothing serious; just having fun in photography. Documenting what comes along and stopping some people along the street for some street portraits.

Activity for men at a women shoe shop.


First of all; it didn’t kill me. The weight is not light compare with my X100F even with

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