27 May GF250mm

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

GF250mm F4 WR is the new kid on the block. Plus its side kick, GF1.4X TC. So what is this lens most use for? This is more of the personal question. I owned both the GF110mm F2 and GF120mm F4 Macro. So when this lens pop up, I do seriously ask myself, do I need such a lens? As a commercial photographer; its never about the size or weight of the lens. Its about nailing that shot for the client with the right gear. So does this lens deserved a place in the stable? When Fujifilm Singapore handed me the GF250mm lens, I was determine to test this lens for my personal purpose. The GF110mm and GF120mm is a much shorter in term of focal length. Where else GF250mm definitely have greater reach. And not forgetting its 5 stops OIS. Of course my fellow GFX owners who shoot wildlife and maybe landscape will certainly welcome this new lens with open arms. The problem is I  don’t shoot both this genre. So what is there for me? I brought this lens out and occasionally mounted the 1.4 TC. Here are some mundane shots. Shot taken at the zoo when I was a parent volunteer for my daughter’s class. Evening walk at the gardens etc. GF250mm is also has a pretty good minimum focusing distance….

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