24 Nov GF120mm with Angie Vu Ha.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

I remembered about 4 years ago I did a shoot with Angie Vu Ha  at her home. Then I was using Canon 5D MK II and also Hasselbald  H3D to photograph her. I guess the best shot was always unplanned.  During shoot Angie was hungry and she said lets take a quick  break.  She went into her kitchen to cook some instant Tom Yum noodles. While she was cooking; I captured my favorite shot of that session. Fast forward today I have a pleasure of photographing Angie again.  Whom just arrived yesterday from Paris and flying off the next day to  Kuala Lumpur to attend Top Asia Corporate Ball where she received  her recognition award as Top female DJ   Life is never constant and ever changing. My gear for today’s studio  shoot is primarily GFX + GF120mm Macro. Why GF120mm F4  Macro and not GF110mm F2? Since I will be shooting a profile  shot and not a “product”. GF110mm will be the perfect lens for this  shoot. As I am shooting in a studio and I don’t see myself shooting  wide open; therefore GF120mm will be a better bet plus I could  shoot a lot closer if needed and also the OIS advantage.    The art direction for today’s shoot is a profile shot of Angie as a DJ.  As it was a last minute shoot; everything is unplanned. Angie just open  her suitcase and we started looking thought and see what we could  put together.  Eujin from Broncolor Singapore was kind enough to let me use…

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