05 Feb Getting sentimental about the X100 and V

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The cover image courtesy of Jonas Rask

It was a beautiful but very windy morning. We were on the ferry to the island and I took out my X100 to take an image of the wind—unseen but apparent. After all, what else can you do on the ferry other than eating junk in the crowded cafeteria? When I was taking photos, a guy with a huge Nikon SLR with a massive telephoto approached but stayed at a safe distance. Every time I raised the camera to my eye, he peeped in my direction but tried to hold still. At one point he burst with excitement and curiosity and called out, “How do you like the small new Fuji?” That’s strange, I thought. The guy with a ton of amazing gear is suddenly so excited about this little camera from a manufacturer who was basically absent from the camera market at that time. 

This is just one example. It was in the early days of the X100-line, the X-series and Fujifilm as we know it today. Some of you may not remember but in the first year it was almost impossible to buy the X100. Yes, it was that popular, especially among pros, but for the rest of the market it was “just a ridiculous toy.” As one of the first photographers and writers using this camera, I was bombarded with comments such as “Why would anybody buy such a tiny camera with no option to change lenses?!”   

I have spent

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