20 Mar Getting Out of a Creative Rut Using the Fujifilm GFX 50R

Source: Fuji Love

The making of photographs is a creative act, and can be an absolutely exhausting one at times. Sometimes, the process of creativity seems to flow endlessly and other times it seems to come to a complete halt. We can find ourselves burnt out and frustrated with our inability to make the images that we want to. One way out of a creative rut like this is to impose a constraint on our creativity so we can refocus our energy one something more positive than our own inability to create. Burnout As I write this, I’m sitting in my hotel room in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. It’s been 13 years since I’ve been anywhere near the “triangle” of India and I’d forgotten how overwhelming it can be. There is so much life, so many sounds and smells, and so many small hiccups every day that it can be difficult to focus your energy on making photographs if you’re not careful. On this trip, I’ve been in India for over a month now working on my Tattoos of Asia project. During that time, I’ve traveled from place to place, heard many stories, and made dozens of portraits for my series. It was after that, […]

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