29 Aug Get To Work Part I :: Erin

If you haven’t read my post from last week, I suggest you do that.

I’m getting the f*ck to work right now by filling as much of my free time as possible with shoots. Here’s a breakdown of my shoot with Erin.

Erin came to my house one evening for a shoot and a huge summer time storm was blowing in. I have a drainage ditch in my backyard that floods when we get heavy rain. I asked Erin if she would be up for shooting in the storm. She was a little hesitant but went for it despite that amount of lighting striking pretty damn close.

See that look on her face on the left? She’s watching the lighting strikes. “It’s going to be ok! We’re almost done! Just close your eyes. If you’re going to die so am I. We’ll both die in this ditch. We’re almost done.”

I decided that was enough for that evening and we’d shoot some more in a few days.

One major thing I’m trying to do with these personal shoots is to avoid the images I would normally shoot. As soon as I start saying, “Of course you would shoot this picture, Zack. You always shoot this picture.” I stop what I’m doing and move on to something else. Sometimes though you need the safe photo to warm up. Sometimes your subject needs something easy to warm up. I shot some head shots in…

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