21 Dec Gear of the Year 2018 – Richard’s Choice: Fujifilm’s 4K video cameras

Source: DP Review

My Gear of the Year pick relates to the photos I’ve most enjoyed taking and the ones I’m most proud of. I’ve chosen the kit I used to shoot my favorite images of the year: all 17,100 of them. Specifically two series of 8MP images. Shot at a rate of 23.97 frames per second.

Because, while I’ve been rather enjoying thinking in 1:1 terms for Instagram this year and have had a chance to engage with and shoot some experienced models in pre-lit setups, the thing I’ve enjoyed most of all this year has been shooting and editing 4K video from the Fujifilm X-H1 and X-T3.

The great outdoors

The first opportunity came in April, when I took some time off work to walk Hadrian’s Wall: the path of a Roman fortification that ran across the North of England. I had to choose a camera that I could carry on my back for five consecutive days, along with a week’s clothes and full wet-weather gear. This ruled out the GFX 50S because, while I thought it would be funny to haul a massive great medium format lump out of my bag every time I wanted to take a picture, it also struck me as the kind of joke that would wear thin pretty quickly….

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