22 Mar G.A.S. DETOX: 10 days with X100F.

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

10 days with X100F. Shot with wifey’s X70.

As many of you may know that I am not a photographer that travels with little gear. I like to have what I need when I need it. Even when I am on a holiday. I will hate myself when the scene presents itself and I dont have what it takes to photograph it.  OK, I am that spoiled brat.

I don’t know why but this trip to Taiwan I decided to do just  that. A X100F with the 2 converter lenses. Yes, this set-up is  consider “underdress” for me. Wifey also had a X70 with her.  Perfect for all those selfie moments. I have to confess that I  will certainly gonna missed a wide-angle lens and also a tele lens for this 10 days school holiday trip. I guess I will have to   work with what I have. I was actually contemplating if I would  bring a GFX with GF45mm or X-Pro2 with XF10-24, XF35  F1.4 and a XF55-200mm.

I am glad I didn’t. X100F is almost perfect. Most of the time I  just used the 23mm standard focal and once in a while I did  attached the WCL or TCL when time permits. Was there a  moment that I wish I had a GFX or X-Pro2? Yes of course. I  just have to constantly remind myself I am on a camera  detox session on this holiday.    Below are many photos taken with this amazing camera.  10 days of street, portraits, moods style and travel.  Basically my holiday pictures all taken with…

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